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Land Slam Fundraiser: Point Abbaye Initiative
Help protect shoreline on Huron Bay!  
The Keweenaw Land Trust has taken on an ambitious land conservation campaign targeting three project areas: a water trail camp at Princess Point, Paavola Wetlands Nature Area expansion, and our Point Abbaye initiative. These projects make up our Land Slam fundraising campaign, and with your help we can achieve success! To help demonstrate the need, we'll be introducing each project through the end of the year, starting with the Point Abbaye Conservation Initiative.

The Point Abbaye peninsula, with its largely undeveloped shoreline, bedrock outcrops, cobble and sandy beaches, and coastal wetlands, is a stunning and unique feature on our landscape. Bounded by Keweenaw Bay on the west and Huron Bay on the east, Point Abbaye's shoreline provides a variety of habitats for spawning and foraging fish species. Huron Bay's unspoiled waters are some of Lake Superior's most pristine. With little to no development along the majority of its length, Point Abbaye serves as an important stopover for migratory birds, has extensive native deer yards, and is home to moose and breeding wolves. Most of the peninsula lacks electrical service or paved roads, in essence keeping the land largely free from development - for now.

KLT's Point Abbaye initiative aims to protect a number of critical parcels along the Point Abbaye and Huron Bay shoreline. Working in phases with willing landowners, we hope to eventually connect lands already protected for public benefit in this area - including our Lightfoot Bay Coastal Wetlands Nature Area. As part of our Land Slam fundraiser, we have a special chance to protect a 30-acre parcel on Finlander Bay, with 1/4 mile of undeveloped shoreline, an active eagle nest, and important nearshore spawning habitat for native Great Lakes fish. The property has spectacular views of the nearby Huron Islands and mountain range, making it a beautiful campsite for visiting paddlers and shoreline hikers. Baraga County's Point Abbaye park borders the property to the north.

To help us fundraise for the Finlander Bay parcel, the JA Woollam Foundation has offered a dollar-for-dollar match challenge up to $150,000. For every dollar you donate, the JA Woollam Foundation will double your gift. This is your best opportunity to make the biggest impact. Please contribute to the Land Slam fundraiser to help protect Point Abbaye shoreline! All donations to the KLT are tax deductible. We appreciate your support as we work to preserve these special places for everyone to visit and enjoy.

Photo Credit: Neil Harri

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