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How would you like your favorite beach, rocky shoreline, woodland trail, or scenic farm to look
ten years from now? How about in 100 years? Become a member of Keweenaw Land Trust, and share your vision. You don't have to own land to become a member - if you don't own land that's a good reason to join since we work to sustain and enhance opportunities for public access. We keep our basic membership affordable so more people can support our mission by becoming members.

Why become a member?

By supporting the Keweenaw Land Trust, members contribute to the character, beauty, natural heritage, wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities of the region. Members help create opportunities for public access, a healthier community, and greater awareness of the value of conservation. Most importantly, members gain the knowledge that they're leaving a legacy on the landscape. Keweenaw Land Trust welcomes all members in supporting land conservation efforts.

The KLT partners with organizations to expand publicly-accessible protected land to the benefit of Keweenaw residents and visitors. Partnerships and new easements and acquisitions are constantly under development, along with KLT's public events, including the annual HorseTail Scramble, TalviTohinat ski race, and day sails with the tall ship Denis Sullivan.

The Keweenaw Land Trust is recognized as a strong land trust in the region and is only possible because of the generous contributions of KLT's members and volunteers.

We need your help to maintain our forward momentum
Become a member today!



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