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Joseph and Mary Lizzadro Lakeshore Preserve


Acres: 24 (+10 more added in 2012)
Established: 2003
County: Keweenaw
Category: Public Nature Area (KLT Conservation Easement on a portion)

This property is owned by the Houghton Keweenaw Conservation District, and was acquired in partnership with the Land Trust through the Michigan Coastal Management Program. The Preserve adds protected land to an area that includes nearby preserves owned by the Copper Country Audubon, Eagle Harbor Township, and the Michigan Nature Association. Easement donor Gina Nicholas provided generous assistance and matching funds to establish this preserve, named in honor of her grandparents. KLT holds a conservation easement on the property, doubly protecting the nature area for future generations.

Located on highway M-26 about four miles west of Copper Harbor, the property has stunning sunsets and crashing waves. The original 24-acre preserve features boreal and mixed hardwood forests, lowland swamp, a portion of the bedrock glade in the Keweenaw, and a bedrock and cobble beach along 643 feet of undeveloped shoreline on Lake Superior. Several small islands just off shore are included. In 2012, longtime neighbor Renate Giannini donated 10 additional acres to the Conservation District in memory of her son, Christian Giannini.

The Preserve is located at Dan's Point, one of only three A-ranked Michigan occurrences of the globally-rare (G2) community type bedrock beaches. Fossilized stromatolites, ripple marks, and rain impressions can also be found here. It is open to the public for non-motorized recreation. A small parking area and informational sign can be found on the north side of M-26. A deep hole just offshore serves as an attractive area for recreational divers.


"Now that the Lizzadro Preserve is in the public trust, everybody can use it. We started this partnership to save 24 acres and went on to form a consortium that was able to do even bigger things. That is a model of which people can be proud. It will inspire more people to try to protect our land in the Keweenaw. It's also a legacy for my son, and it honors my grandparents."






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