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Simi Conservation Easement


Acres: 260
Established: 1999
County: Houghton
Category: Private Conservation Easement

This scenic family farm-Keweenaw Land Trust's first conservation easement-is protected from development, subdivision, and over-harvesting of timber. The rolling farmland and northern hardwoods forest near Nisula in southern Houghton County, 260 acres in all, will remain predominately forested and managed for production of quality sawtimber and enhancement of wildlife habitat. As defined in the conservation easement, the Simis and all future owners of the property will follow best management practices to promote sustainable forestry and protect water resources. The Simi's plan includes tree planting, selective harvesting, and leaving trees to decay naturally throughout the property to provide wildlife habitat.

The Keweenaw Land Trust provides third-party oversight to ensure that forestry practices are carried out in accordance with an approved, professional management plan and the terms of the Conservation Easement. The farm, with its abundant wildflowers and birds, along with nearby Ottawa National Forest, contribute to the region's ecological integrity while periodic selective timber harvest activities support our local economy. This easement is a shining example of the choices landowners can make for their property now and in the future.

Janet and Erwin Simi were the first landowners to work with the KLT to establish a Conservation Easement. The project would not have been a success without their abundant patience as KLT and our legal team forged ahead, learning as we went. Erwin grew up close to the land and worked as a conservationist farmer for a number of years in Alpena. His connection to the land runs deep, and we appreciate the work he has done to protect his special place for the future.

The property remains private and is not available for visitation. Please respect the landowners and do not trespass.

"We don't have children, and eventually we'll have to sell. We would like to see the property sold in total and maintained that way, and managed for forestry and wildlife. We've seen a wolf, sandhill cranes, and bears on the property. It's a haven for wildlife."






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